Your floor is not just something you walk on. It is something you spend nearly every waking moment on, and it defines how both you and your visitors feel about your home and business. Whether you are trying to create a mood of simplicity, futuristic modernism, or classical elegance, your flooring sets the tone.


Our goal is simple: to provide luxury hardwood flooring that defines your home or business and improves the way you and your customers fell about it. We know that achieving this is a blend of matching customer tastes and providing the highest quality product, so we have built our manufacturing process from the ground up to focus on those attributes. No matter what you need, you can be assured that we will deliver a finished product that is built to last.

Crafted in Lithuania

Designed Just for You

Each family of products is a dynamic collection of flooring, wall panels, and more that can be customised to virtually any use in both interior and exterior spaces. If you are a designer looking for a quality product that you can put your own signature touch on to create a unique design for each of your projects, we can come up with a solution tailored just for you.

If you are a private homeowner, business owner, or contractor working on a single project, we can help you achieve the perfect look. All products are uniquely made to order. We can duplicate what is in our showroom or adjust the color, grain, and spacing to your tastes. The only limits are what you can dream.

Quality Control

Our custom ordering process does not just get you a unique look. It also ensures unmatched quality. Each step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored by our skilled specialists.


Proven Track Record

We have been providing quality flooring for over twenty years to both private households and well-established businesses. In that time, we have delivered our products to over 22 countries. We would never have achieved international success without satisfying customers across the globe. Contact us to learn how you can join the exclusive club of fine European flooring.

Environmentally Friendly

We also feel that we have a duty to help protect the environment. Since manufacturing engineered flooring does not waste valuable prized wood below its wear layer, for every 1 sq.m. of 19 mm thick solid wood flooring manufactured, we can manufacture approximately four times that amount into engineered wood flooring. Our production process is 100% environmentally friendly, and we use no chemicals. Instead, we rely on natural oil and lacquer. In addition, being Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest management certified company guarantees that our products meet the world’s most stringent environmental, economic, and social standards for responsible forest management.