Research and development is a strategic value of Bonum Wood. We constantly look for ways to make our products more sustainable and of higher quality.


We are also curious and collaborate with the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), a regional leader in timber research.

We are not just seeking ways to improve the performance of our products. Our approach to innovation and improvement is far more comprehensive. We want to discover new forms and processing solutions. Working alongside architects and designers has helped us create innovative products for which we’ve received recognition. In January 2017 our mosaic parquet with brass received an award at the international DOMOTEX exhibition.

CoTanin technology

In addition to natural oil processing, wood smoke and coating paint, we use the unsurpassed Bonum Wood technology. The processing is based on the use of special agents which react with wood’s natural tannins during the parquet treatment. The reaction creates natural colours which vary depending on the tannin content.

When processing with agents, up to nine different operations are required to achieve the optimum result. This technology has allowed us to offer a whole new palette of colours for parquet. In addition, the agent processing helps reduce wear and improve the performance and durability of products. This has been proven through testing.

Advantages of CoTanin products

Studies have shown that the products processed with unique CoTanin are 52.21% more resistant to general wear and colour change, compared with natural products coated with natural oil. Moisture resistance also increases by 7.4%.

Gold and silver dust

This solution has helped us to create sensational floors. Depending on the light’s angle, the floor will lightly shimmer with gold or silver due to its coating with oils containing the dust of precious metals. Since the upper layer is made of a colourless oil with hard wax, the metal particles do not wear down the floor. The floor maintenance is the same as for standard products.

Mosaic parquet

In order to create an authentic floor pattern design, we combine different materials – wood with wood, metal, stone, or ceramics. We use lasers for cutting and accurately map out even the most complex patterns. We can lay mosaics by hand and combine different materials in one product.

Award-winning MINOA

We made this mosaic parquet with brass in collaboration with our architectural partners who created the design. The parquet production required extraordinary oak processing skills and modern laser technology in order to cut the solid brass plate. In the end, our efforts paid off with the gorgeous, acclaimed flooring. MINOA received the Innovations@DOMOTEX award at the 2017 edition of DOMOTEX, one the world’s largest specialized flooring exhibitions.


– Unique processing technology – CoTanin
– Floor mosaic creation
– Coating with gold and silver dust
– DOMOTEX award for innovation