Eucalyptus is one of the tallest and fastest growing trees in the world. There are more than 700 species registered, from which a vast majority is growing in Australia. Eucalyptus is widely used in the industry due to the high level of foliage, smooth structure of the trunk and relatively hard wood, which according to Janka hardness scale varies depending on the species, starting from 1,125 lbf to 2,040 lbf (for example, the hardness of the European oak is 1,360 lbf).

By cooperating with the studio of architects during the development of design of the private house, we aimed to produce such parquet panels which would distinguish by their unique design. Eucalyptus has been chosen due to the symmetrical pattern and the possibility to use wood tannins to achieve not only the preferred colour, but also the natural effect.

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The luxurious MURRAY (BW-196) eucalyptus parquet panels are made of “Select” class wood (having an extremely low presence of knots), which was lightly brushed; meanwhile, an authentic colour was obtained by using “CoTanin” treatment technology. We have used two layers of colourless, natural oil with hard wax particles to cover the boards.

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