27. Private house

Facades: European Ash, Thermo-treated, Natural Hardwax Oil. Product: EUROPEAN ASH (TB-08)

Thermo ash

Overview: The owners of this beautiful two-story home – in a quiet neighborhood bordering a birch forest – requested a custom-crafted facade and terrace.
To create a one-of-a-kind look for their home, we selected thermo-treated ash boards finished with natural UV oil for the facade and terrace. The client requested that the boards be a perfect match for the colors they selected, while highlighting a bright wood pattern.
For the terrace, we picked out boards with excellent drainage properties, and without screws, to give them a much nicer look. The result was a beautiful and rich-looking finished product…on which it’s safe to walk barefoot.

Installation of these products was another challenge, as the very-detailed work had to be done in an artistic manner, by our finest craftspeople. In order to create the distinctive feel our clients wanted, we installed the terrace boards one-by-one.

Result: A distinctive home that stands out even in a distinctive neighborhood.

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