35. House Adjacent to a Pine Forest

Planks: European Oak, Deep Smoked, Brushed, Hardwax Oil. Product: BARKER (BW-141) (Customized).
Wall panels in “blocks” pattern: European Oak, Special Treatment, Brushed, Hardwax Oil Finish. Product: Custom Made.

The two-floor 300 sq. meter house and 100 sq. meter SPA villa are adjacent to a pine forest and located in a quiet and private community. Surprisingly, this secluded spot is just 10 min from a city of >550k people downtown!

The architect aimed to create a both functional and modern house for a family. The house had to serve two functions: to be a cosy place to reside and stay throughout weekends, and to be a place where close friends could be hosted. This included a SPA villa that had to blend into the surrounding natural surroundings and provide recreational functions.

The architect reached out to us when she was looking for a very specific flooring colour for her project, and she could not find the desired hue anywhere else. In our conversation, we came up with the solution to modify one of our current, deep smoked products by brightening it with natural oils to get the right colour. We also manufactured this product in the desired wood grain and board dimensions.

You can see the result in our photographs. The architect has a remarkable sense in choosing colours, forms and materials! Just love her work!


Custom made floors and wooden wall panels in “blocks” pattern.


Wooden staircase.

Custom made wall and ceiling panels from oak.