Engineered hardwood flooring


2-layer construction

More stable and humidity resistant in comparison to that of solid wood, engineered hardwood does not shrink or expand as much as the solid wood, making it resistant to warping and cupping. Ideal for below-grade installations where slight dampness is common, Bonum Wood engineered flooring can be used anywhere inside. Much unlike solid wood that shrinks, cups, and buckles, engineered hardwood can be installed over radiant heating systems, in bathrooms and even in laundry rooms. With a 4 mm or 6 mm dry sawn top layer providing a great resistance to everyday wear-and-tear, our engineered hardwood flooring comes with a lifetime warranty.



The top layer (lamella) is made of dry-sawn solid hardwood and is available in different wood species, surface treatments, and finishes.

Thickness:              4 / 6 mm
Finishing:               Natural Hardwax oil /lacquer
Bevel:                     None, 2-side, 4-side



Plank construction PDF


This layer is made of water resistant Baltic birch multiplex plywood. Wood layers are positioned with their grains in opposite directions at 90° angle to minimize expansion and contraction under the influence of humidity and temperature changes. Plywood is three quarter sawed for an even better stability and lower wood tension.

Thickness:             11 / 15 mm
Layers:                   9 or 11
Class:                      3 / 3



Tongue and Groove