Eucalyptus flooring, expensive flooring, prestige flooring, durable flooring,15 Feb 2018

Product innovation: Eucalyptus flooring treated by using “CoTanin” technology

Eucalyptus is one of the tallest and fastest growing trees in the world. There are more than 700 species registered, from which a vast majority is growing in Australia. Eucalyptus is widely used in the industry due to the high level of foliage, smooth structure of the trunk and relatively hard wood, which according to Janka hardness scale varies depending on the species, starting from 1,125 lbf to 2,040 lbf (for example, the hardness of

16 Nov 2017

New Bonum Wood wood flooring salerooms in Kiev and Kaliningrad

We are extremely proud to be expending the network of our representative offices and to be able to open them in two new cities simultaneously. From now on, you will be able to find Bonum Wood in Kiev and Kaliningrad. “We place a great importance on being as close to the customers as possible which enables us to better understand them and promptly respond to their needs as well as to control risks,” – CEO

cotanin technologija30 Oct 2017

A new approach towards the treatment of parquet boards: CoTanin technology

We present you with a unique parquet-board treatment technology developed by Bonum Wood: CoTanin. This technology involves treatment with special reagents, which, when applied to parquet boards, react with natural tannins present in the wood. This reaction produces an authentic colour that may vary depending on the amount of tannins. On treatment with the reagents, up to nine different operations are needed to achieve the result. This technology has opened up a completely new colour palette

27 Jun 2017

New products: parquet flooring with marble

The word “parquet” derives from the Old French “parchet” meaning “a small enclosed space”. The first modular parquet, also known as the Versailles Pattern, was introduced in France in 1684 to replace luxurious marble flooring, as due to frequent washing the wooden beams beneath the floors would rot. Soon this discovery was noticed by other architects and in 1693 it was used in the Palace of Versailles and Grand Trianon. In this way, mosaic parquet

Hardwood flooring with silver5 May 2017

Introducing hardwood flooring with gold, silver

Continuing our mission to develop exclusive products for exclusive interiors, we introduce our first products with gold and silver dust. This is a solution that has helped us to achieve a feeling of exquisite floor. Depending on the lightning angle, your floor will shine with slight shimmer of gold or silver, as it is coated with oils containing precious metal dust. The upper layer consists colorless oil with the hard wax, therefore, metal particles do

13 Feb 2017

Grand award for innovation

DOMOTEX 2017 Bonum Wood was awarded Innovations@DOMOTEX for product innovations in Hanover in one of the world’s largest specialised flooring exhibition on January 14-17. The nominations were granted only for a dozen of products out of several thousands of items delivered for competition. “This is an unbelievably successful appreciation of our work. This international mission demonstrates that our flaws of exceptional design can amaze the world and have long-standing value to our customers”, says Gintaras

20 Dec 2016

Bonum Wood will return to DOMOTEX 2017 in Hannover

In 2017 DOMOTEX in Hannover will again be the top event for the global floor coverings industry. Visitors at DOMOTEX will find an array of products staged by 1,350 exhibitors from more than 60 countries. Bonum Wood will be there too to showcase newest trend-setting designs and improved custom-manufacturing capabilities. 20 Visit DOMOTEX

100% Design London, exhibitors,4 Oct 2016

Bonum Wood at 100% Design show in London, UK

Bonum Wood took a place in 100% Design, the UK's largest and longest running design trade event for architects and designers. First staged in 1995, the show is the commercial cornerstone of the London Design Festival, with 27,387 visitors to the show. For 2016, 100% Design explored the theme of ‘Experience', which considered the many ways in which design guides, frames and improves the ways that we live, work and consume. At the event, Bonum Wood