Bonum Wood gives you the freedom to create. Our factory can implement your interior design vision. Above all, we want you to be happy with the final product. That’s why we maintain the highest quality production standards and strive to find the perfect solution for every client. We’d like to tell you more about the Bonum Wood factory and our values.

For 20 years, we’ve turned wood into parquet in our factory. We’ve created every design imaginable. The latest technology allows us to realize your dreams. Our years of experience are reflected in the top-notch products that have a lifetime warranty.



All Bonum Wood products are unique and customised. That’s because each of our customers has their own vision of what they’d like for their interior. We believe in your dreams and are here to implement them. We are ready for any challenge. Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment to achieve whatever design you can imagine.


In 2015 we upgraded all of our equipment. We continue to guarantee the highest quality and now can create all contemporary designs. We are not limited by colours, patterns, width and length of planks in fulfilling your orders.

Quality control

The entire timber preparation process takes place in our factory, from quality inspection to coating and packaging. We consistently monitor the process in order to ensure the quality standards are high and the final product is flawless. We review our own work to uncover and resolve problems. This makes us even more confident in the final product. That’s why our floors have a lifetime warranty.

Highest production standards

Our production facilities are based on the European Union’s production and safety standards (EN 13489:2002). This means that our raw materials are provided by socially responsible suppliers and harvested from renewable forests. In addition, we use natural and healthy materials free of formaldehyde in the processing of products. This ensures that Bonum Wood products are safe for your health and the environment.

We encourage you to visit our factory. The Bonum Wood factory is located in Lithuania, a 20-minute drive from the capital city of Vilnius.


– Handmade in the EU
– Products certified under the FSC
– Safe production environment
– Innovative award-winning solutions


Manufacturing plant in Parudaminys